We are here with
Jonas Murrilli. Jonas, tell us what is
your addiction in the kitchen. Well… -It’s beef.
-Beef. -I love beef.
-Beef is delicious. -Beef problem is animal fat.
-I know. It gives you high cholesterol,
has calories… But beef can be substituted.
This is good news. -For example, do you like soy?
-I do. Delicious, isn’t it?
Soy is good. Now, soy is bad too.
It’s transgenic. -No soy?
-Yep… For this recipe,
we substitute beef for alfalfa sprouts. Oh, sprouts… -Of alfalfa.
-Ok. With maniac flour.
Everyone needs a break. I love maniac flour.
It’s delicious. Who doesn’t like it? -Who doesn’t like fried flour?
-I love it. In this case,
we substituted it for sand. Do I have to eat
beach sand? Are you crazy? Beach? It’s not? This sand is produced
in the kidney of Bolivian llamas,
which only eat quinoa. High-fiber. Wanna see the result? -Let’s see.
-I’ll show. But…
Can we eat this sand? In Bolivia, it’s delicacy. Delicious. -Beautiful.
-Let’s taste it? Let’s taste it. Now it’s the time
of the show we taste. -It’s time to taste.
-I’ve already had lunch. -I cannot taste it.
-I won’t fall for that. Playful. Wrap it. I can’t taste it. -Take home…
-Ok. Fine. You never taste first. Funny. Nice. There are some pieces here.
What are these? Those are erasers. Remember those erasers
they said would erase pen? There were two sides. But actually they did not
work on pens? We knew it. It just smudged. So… The eraser
represents bacon. -What a nice surprise!
-Isn’t it? Let’s taste it. What about it?
It’s the same as bacon. Wow. Exactly the same. Now tell me something.
What about dessert? -I like sugar.
-Sugar? I love sugar. -I think it’s delicious.
-Sugar… For this show,
we substitute sugar for a slap on the face. It has fewer calories
and doesn’t cause diabetes. -Would you like some coffee?
-No. Thank you. Thanks. Too bad! -Too bad! Coffee is allowed.
-So give me coffee. In this case, we substituted
coffee for dog saliva. It tastes almost the same,
without caffeine, which is… Dog saliva? -What breed?
-Pinscher. A good street hot-dog,
known in Brazil as “podrao”, has a sausage nobody
knows where it’s from, full of triturated
pork tripe, blended with pigments. Bread needs to have
transgenic gluten taste. And quail egg needs
to be much crumbled. For dressing, pasteurized mayo,
all day under the sun. And as a special touch,
lots of coliforms.

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