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alright guys what’s up welcome behind the hype just finished my first real workout in oh gosh what is it ten weeks was super ill there for a while I’m just gonna jump into a review on refreshed or refreshing or something like that good product but serious problem up front and something that I want to address for you guys know it doesn’t destroy the product but it’s just kind of like for real dude and I like these guys now anyways so anyways the illness all that stuff got past it but I’m going right now before I shoot the review every year we go through this thing where we we go and we look at everything we’re spending money on and we see if it’s if it’s worth it like right now I’m paying for all this data it’s like five times what we need to so gonna save a ton there looked at our TV package we’re like oh this isn’t good cuz over the years over the year you will go out and sign up for a bunch of stuff so at the end of every year we like to go and give herself that money back so I’m going to do that with my phone bill right now but that’s a little tip for you right now especially if you’re looking into this online marketing thing you may be paying for some things that you shouldn’t be paying for it might be four bucks might be eighteen might be thirty might be a hundred and forty a month who knows but a lot of the time people don’t know it’s just they’re too lazy to go fix it to go save yourself some cash right now find everything you need to find that you can save on and go get rid of all those things put some money in your pocket to start off 2018 I guess we’re in the third month but yeah like I said super sick so I’m gonna go save myself a ton of cash and then we’ll jump into the refreshed review which like I said good products and stuff that we need to address though and it’s like real stuff that we need to address so I’ll see when I get back from the phone store all right what’s up so I’m back from the the phone shop and let me just tell you if you don’t do this every year for yourselves and I want like this is real deal people like look at this and think why would you do this well every year you go through and you collect a whole bunch of a whole bunch of things and you start spending money on stuff that you don’t you normally wouldn’t spend money on right like you’re just well you might well obviously you would spend the money on it but you just sign up for stuff you’re like yeah I’ll do that or you get you phone Zand oh I gotta grab this for internet marketing and they say I need this tool so one of the things I do with my clients I might bring them in case I make them a whole bunch of money right away now it does it’s not money directly in their pocket but it’s saved over time so if you’re not doing this anyway it’s moral of the story in Canada we get screwed on our phones and I just saved us fourteen hundred dollars a year on our plan can add that up over lifetime like that’s a lot of money you’re putting away we still have good plans plans that work for what we’re doing work for our lives and we’re gonna be able to add the kids on there for their phones so it’s just like you really got to pay attention to this stuff because yeah it all adds up so anyway it’s that said we’re gonna jump into the computer here and we’re going to talk about refreshing refreshing yeah refreshing so um before we get into that there’s one thing that bothered me about this and I know why they did it what is it so the overview the steps and let me see if it’s the case study – I don’t think it’s the case study no I like the case study okay so it’s the overview and the steps honestly guys I can tell you what the overview is I didn’t really like this particular part the product is you’ll see when we get in there it’s pretty clean and I love moshing Jason I like what they do I love the products they put out but there’s a whiteboard video where Maj just kind of holds the camera and then draws on the whiteboard and it’s like it’s so it’s not even it I don’t know I didn’t like it I know what he was doing it was something different it was something new it was something kind of kind of yeah well it was something and personally I didn’t find that fun if the whole rest of the course was like that I wouldn’t particularly like it but it’s not and and the good parts about this and so I found that really kind of hokey really cheesy not enough to not say that it’s a good product though I just particularly didn’t like the overview so if you pick it up if you want to know what the overview is just you know hey just watch the overview video but no it’s not – it’s kind of like oh wow they just did that huh so there’s that we have to get through but once you get through that video everything else is awesome now what I really love is that the case study in this isn’t isn’t a case study in the marketing age or the Forex means or something that’s like you know normal this is a completely different niche that they walk you through and I’ll show you when I jump in there but this is a cool product outside of the overview video sorry mosh sorry Jason it wasn’t my favorite thing in the world but hey I’ve made products that have things that aren’t super super great in them sometimes true so we all try things and we go out on a limb I like the risk I love the risk I just didn’t like the end result of it but yeah so other than that let’s dive into refreshen and see how refreshing it is all right so here we are inside refreshing now this area here the overview video is the one that I talked about I think there’s a couple actually but aside from that and even the info in there it’s really good so perhaps I’m just being a little a little anal about it but um yeah it wasn’t a fan of the way the overview video was done that being said I think the rest of the course is pretty good there’s a this is basically research right how many different ways can you save research when it comes to online marketing now what this is is how to create quick simple little sites go out there use free traffic and make affiliate and Adsense commissions now that’s the cool part it’s because it’s double-edged sword so someone may not be looking to buy something from your affiliate product but they might click on your Adsense which is going to generate and the more of these you can put out there the more you have done over time they’re just gonna add up and that’s the cool part is they’re gonna last they’re gonna be out there making your money while you’re out doing whatever other things you want now one of the questions that people talk about they go over the plan how to do this they talk about ways to get things done for you now the other thing I wanted to say here is check this out you can if you’re worried about building a site like if you’ve been around for a couple months you know that you can quickly build a website it’s not the most difficult complicated thing in the world if you’re brand new it does take a little bit of learning you do need to figure that out and that you know that’s okay but they’re gonna show you how you can do it in four minutes flat now you might not be able to do that but hey imagine having a cache a cache pumping profit producing site up in 4 minutes and 15 minutes and 20 minutes and then you just gotta get on with building your content and generating your traffic sales and leads right which they talk about here so you just gotta click in there now there are some upgrades with this I’m not going to get into them once you jump on jump into refreshing you will see the pages that are going to offer you more now the one thing I will say about their upgrades OTO s one-time offers they are not necessary to actually get the course done they’re only for people who want to get it done quickly and start seeing results a lot faster so you can get everything you need out of refreshing hundred-percent the upgrades are only for people who kind of want to speed things up a little bit so if that’s you you might want to listen to the video check out the page and and act on on those upsells but I’m not gonna I’m not gonna push him on it so who is this for I would personally pick up anything that says done for you I like that even in this marketplace with a success rate of say 70% where people actually have this stuff done for you you’re gonna be further ahead even if they only did like 60% of the stuff for you so not that I’m saying that’s what they’ve done I’m just saying that sometimes done for you isn’t as done for you as it sounds but at least if you get a big head start you’re a happy camper and to me the prices that they have so those things are incredibly reasonable for the time it will save you so that’s up to you now they do give you absolutely everything you need inside of refreshing to get going shouldn’t take you more than a couple of days to get this figured out now who is this for now this is obviously going to be for someone who is a little bit it’s gonna work out for everyone now let me get into this the education part of this if you’re new you might need to Google and YouTube some things but hey it’s not like you’re paying four hundred and fifty thousand dollars for this product and I’m paying a hundred and bucks for this product like you’re not paying a lot of money to learn the info here so you know if you’ve got a Google and YouTube a few things will then do it I mean I still Google and YouTube things that I’ve been doing for a couple years I forget how to do it I just go back and use it so don’t be don’t be sidetracked on that so if you’re brand new this is gonna work out for you it’s gonna take a little while longer you’re gonna need to learn some things but you can be up and running doing this and get things going and and and be set up if you’re a brand new be never done anything before you could probably get this done in a day or two then you can start learning about your traffic start putting some time and effort into it maybe make your first click sales maybe make your first little Adsense commissions whatever whatever the case is but you can have this done in a couple days if you if you’re if you’re a little more advanced and you’re just looking for something else you can kind of plug in excuse me maybe give you some ideas for traffic things like that this is gonna be a really good one for you you’re gonna like refresher there’s some good stuff in here and it’s well worth the price of admission so the other thing I wanted to point out here I like this product I like that it’s it’s not focused on MMO it’s not focused on a lot of the other things that are going on right there out there in the whole online marketing space right now so that’s cool now there are some fast action bonus is you get a checklist which is really important I think more checklists you can have the better off you’re going to be I’ve yet to see someone over deliver too many checklists when you jump on a plane the pilot and the copilot need to go through a checklist and the reason that they do that is because they have people and they’re on board they have souls on board and they need to make sure everything’s done properly before they take off shouldn’t you do the exact same thing if pilots are actually having to go through monster checklists before they lift off with people shouldn’t you be doing that with your hopes and dreams of a business from home of course you should so having a checklist is super important and I like the fact that they’ve added that and the bonus now they’ve got a community and coaching group too so go ahead and check that out I mean a community is pretty powerful and these guys are good and I can tell you that there’s gonna be a whole bunch of people in that community so excuse me guys again I did mention it was just getting better um that said I think refreshen is a really cool course I think there’s gonna this is gonna hit home for some some of those newer people and definitely be a great intro to the world of internet marketing so short of the course overview video which I’ve talked about enough I think this is a really good course I think it’s designed for new to intermediate marketers and I think there are a couple nuggets in here for advanced marketers and if you’re an advanced marketer honestly the the price tag is worth it so just pick it up and you know you know you’re an advanced marketer you know that a lot of what we do is find little nuggets here and there that are gonna help us out throughout the course of our business so I think this has a few of those it’s a it’s a product that’s really for everyone but it is more geared towards new marketers new people online and and the intermediate folks who may not have made their sale but know how to do the techy stuff so go ahead click the button below this video now once again guys if only you could picture my facing no I’m not adding a ton of bonuses here I’m not adding any and here’s why it’s not that I don’t have bonuses to give you it’s just that every now and then I’ll throw some bonuses in there because I really really am passionate about you picking the product up I think this is a good product I think that anybody offering you more products more bonuses I think they’re really weighing you down and and gonna take away from what’s in front of you and I think that this course is one those ones that you just need to sit down get done pay attention to and get to work on I don’t think you need a lot of other stuff the time comes and you need some traffic courses if you’ve applied everything that you’re gonna learn in here you’re gonna be willing to pick one up and I don’t think that some PLR crap bonuses are going to help you out at all so I say pick up refresh and get refreshed because it’s springtime and freshness is in the air and it’s time to put some freshness in your pocket great job Maj and Jason Maj don’t hate me because I talked about that video but good job on the product guys overall I think this is something that people are going to dig and have a lot of success with and and honestly that’s what this whole name of the game is so yeah click the button below this video if you’re on YouTube subscribe because you should be subscribed anyways because I do videos of cool internet marketing type stuff click the button subscribe and a go I have here on YouTube subscribe like the video then go down into the comment section and click on the link that takes you to the page later you

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