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yeah there are you doing guys and welcome to this video my name is Dan Ashe in Dorf and today we’re going to be looking at a new product that’s about to be launched called refresh it and I hopefully I’m pronouncing that correctly refreshing now one of the feedbacks I’ve had from a lot of you is the fact that by the time you get to this review video or any one else’s review video you’ve pretty much made up your mind that you want to go ahead and purchase the product so you don’t want to have a look at the the funnels and everything else you just want to dive straight into the bonuses you want to see who’s offering what and then you can decide from which mentor to purchase so what I’ll do is I’ll kick off with the bonuses and then would look at I’ve got a little case study for you that shows how the product actually works in practice it’s something that maash has shot and you can see literally thousands and thousands of views generated with a system which is based on Pinterest by the way so you can see how that works and we’ll be looking at the funnel we’ll be looking at all manner of other things you’ll be looking at some Pinterest stats but before we gonna do be doing anything else we’ll be looking at the bonuses so you can decide you can see exactly what I’ve got in store for you so what I’ll do now is jump into my bonus page for you to have a look right there guys so here we are inside the bonus page and I’ve got my exclusive discounts for you as usual so I offer these on pretty much 95% of the products and this is one of these so these are going to be exclusive to me they’re gonna be deep and you need to write to me that’s that address just over there down at traffic generation secrets don’t let to claim your bonuses so that’s number one and that is across the entire funnel you get these bonuses delivered to you and the other thing I have for you today the other bonus is with any oh so we gonna look at a couple of I’ve got four more exclusive bonuses for you they’re exclusive to me no one else has them I’ve you know I’ve spent a lot of time and getting these a lot of time and money but they are with any oto so any of the upsells you get these four exclusive bonuses it doesn’t matter if it’s a zero 100 kilo for doesn’t matter which one as as long as you purchase a no do you get these the entire package including my four exclusive bonuses and you’ll see there’s another 15 bonuses as well so you get the entire package and the discount and everything else so first thing here guys is as you will see when we dive into the members area just momentarily is that so this is about Pinterest it’s about driving traffic Pinterest traffic but what you need to do is find a hot trending sizzling Mitch and I have these weekly calls which are called the weekly niche Club and in in those course what we do is we look at exactly that so we look at that sort of hot trending juicy niche to get your teeth stuck into and start using the system today you’ll see just a moment I’m gonna set you up with some really really cool traffic as well you’ll get pretty much everything you need from this product if you go through my link but that’s the first thing you need to do is you need to choose these you know you need to choose the best niches that’s probably the most important thing in the entire process so you get four of these you get a live call and you get them in fight yes you see on the calls we have a chat if you have any Q&A or whatever I answer them they’re a really really good fun and that’s the first bonus so that’s number one and then what I want to do guys in addition to that is we’re gonna look at some untapped traffic sources their traffic sources which they’re all free and there’s not a lot of knowledge about them they’re kind of off the radar so it’s all good well using Pinterest but we’re gonna be looking at something a bit more ninja so we’ve gotta be looking at some untapped traffic sources and that’s really accelerate your earnings with refreshing so that’s the other thing I have for you again exclusive and then guys you’re gonna get some software so that’s an exclusive software that I have for you two keyword research tool optimized for Pinterest and e-commerce what it does is it adds the reason it’s so cool and what I’ll do actually maybe I’ll just quickly pause and I’ll show you the dashboard but what it what it does is it it also includes keywords with eBay and other e-commerce websites so and Pinterest is like the ideal platform for e-commerce so what I’ll do is I’ll just I’m gonna quickly pause and I’m gonna dig this out and then I’ll show you what the dashboard looks like hey guys welcome back so as you can see you’ve got google suggestions Bing Yahoo YouTube Amazon an eBay so if you look at any keyword it’s gonna tell you which ones to go for it’s gonna show you the ones which are displayed on any of these search engines and with specific emphasis on Amazon and eBay which is quite a unique twist and that is perfect for any kind of e-commerce businesses you may have we may be thinking about starting out you will see in the training the Pinterest is there for e-commerce and you’ll see that Marsh Barry who’s a product creator he mentions in quite a few instances about using eBay and Amazon as well to get some product ideas so this is really gonna sit well with the product right so let’s continue then and the other one I want to show you is again as another software which is called Pinterest image creator so again that’s exclusive to me Pinterest image creator and that’s my exclusive bonuses so just for the upsells and remember you also gotta get some money off and all sorts of other goodies now what I’m gonna show you is our things and bonuses that received on the Endor and that’s gonna be given across the entire funnel so including me the front end all the way up to the various ochio so we’ve got a drag and drop page builder plugin I’ve got a monthly salary generator plug-in now the reason it’s called that it doesn’t actually generate a salary as in going on getting a job but it’s in generates a full-time income so that’s a traffic software beg your pardon it’s a membership site software build membership sites in minutes so I expect a membership site software and then we have a 700k free monthly visitors excuse me case study hmm then we have a auto blogger plug-in build Google friendly blogs in just clicks never create content again so that looks good and we have Auto Tube channel plug-in and then we have the auto social traffic plug-in so drive traffic from eight social social media sites on complete auto-pilot and then you have early bird viral traffic plug-in and then we have viral list builder plug-in so that’s another plug-in so a lot of plugins here guys a lot of software and then animate anything plug-in and then course builder plug-in and any form builder plug-in and w3 WordPress media to s3 I’m assuming that’s Amazon plug-in all right so another plug-in loads and loads and loads of software for you and as well as like exclusive bonuses as well as my discount so really an amazing value there guys remember that this the front-end is like 12 dollars 95 you’re gonna give it this down off that so frankly it’s a no-brainer link below is where you need to go in order to get all of that so having said that and hopefully you’ve decided that you are gonna be purchasing through my link the next stage what we’re gonna be doing now is we are going to I’m gonna pass you over to Bosh with his case study and then what we’ll do is we’re gonna be looking at some Pinterest at so you know why Pinterest is such a powerful platform and then what we’re gonna be doing after that is we’ll be looking at the funnel and that’s gonna bring this review to its conclusion hey guys much Barry here welcome to this video this is a case study and this is our clients website that we manage to drive traffic from Pinterest and from social media this is how the website looks like okay the content you see it’s very little text and mostly copied from other websites and from Amazon basically and although this is that this looks like a niche website is completely an affiliate marketing website this promotes a lot of affiliate affiliate Amazon affiliate products and same time it drives traffic to Google Adsense ads alright so this website contains a lot of Adsense ads so these images I mean don’t get freaked out with how awesome the the images are and maybe they’re unique maybe they’re not absolutely not they have been taken from Amazon and the links you see our affiliate Amazon affiliate links so what we basically did we drove traffic from Pinterest and from us from search engines to this website to make money from Amazon affiliate marketing alright this is one of the pin boards the images are collected from outside mostly so very very simple it looks complicated but they’re actually very simple they’re collected most of them are collected and this is inside the website right this is inside the website and you can see the Google Analytics for last 30 days and you can see the the traffic demography now this is Google’s analytics area every detail is there everything is in front of you and the site was managed by us here is an overview of December 2017 December 1 230 1st December and we even tried a little bit of paid searches because we had a lot of traffic free traffic already we wanted to try right that guy so hopefully you are suitably impressed and I know that I was when I saw that and what are we gonna do now why don’t we go to the members area there’s a lot of videos but there’s really not much for me to say about them so you get a course overview the step overview case study how to locate the winners and the leaders plan like a pro build your biz so how to build your niche site and any watch big bill to complete meet site in four minutes flat build your content build your pins generate traffic leads and sales so that’s kind of the meat and potatoes of the whole thing and then you get the upgrades and the up sales that we’re gonna be looking at momentarily um there’s something I want to show you you guys that’s really important and that’s kind of what this entire course is about so I’ve got these stats here from HootSuite Pinterest for business and you can see that 87% of pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest so that really says it all what else can I tell you normally about 93% of spinners have used site to plan for future purchase so this is not just any old traffic this is really valuable traffic online commerce is growing with five times the rate of retail overall okay not really much more for meetup pads but you can see the strength of Pinterest and this product is friendly it’s just ideal for that including my bonuses you get the full package here so what I’m going to do now I know you chopping at the bit and you want to see the funnel and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do right now okay so I’m back here and I will show you my I want to brag with my little graphics here the behind the bonuses which you’ve already seen I’m really proud of this and also the funnel so there you go that’s the funnel just there and let’s have a look at the actual content so the front end is gonna go for $12 95 which is done for you refreshing campaigns for $37 done for you I think it’s really going to come in handy because what it’s done for you so it’s a kind of a fast way to get started isn’t it and in have OTO advanced refreshing tactics so that’s the things that haven’t quite had a time to explore in great detail in the front end so that’s all gonna come to the fore you know do two for forty seven dollars and a no to3 traffic software so that’s forty seven dollars and then finally is the OTO four which is the license rights which means you can take the entire funnel it’s all of this which you can see there in front of you and sell it for a hundred cent Commission as if it were yours so OTO for license rights so guys I hope you found my review of value and that you are gonna join me on the inside really exciting stuff good value my discounts make it an absolute no-brainer link below and I look forward to speaking to you soon and seeing you on the inside my name is Dan Ashe Adolphe signing out all the best bye bye

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