RefreshEn Review and INSANE Bonus by Tom E (Don’t Buy Till You See This)

what’s going on guys Tommy here with my review of refreshen and man do I have something special for you guys today not only is this a brand new unique method that you know you see the claims on the sales page it says what if making fire from a $2.00 a month in passive income was as simple as clicking refresh on your browser right it’s a pretty outstanding claim on but it actually holds water what’s even better is I got together with my buddy Spencer and we put together an insane bonus bundle for you guys to make sure that it actually fits perfectly like a hand in a glove with this particular offer so that you can get off the ground and make money right away hang in there a few more minutes and I’ll show you the insanity that is our bonus bundle but first of all what is this method let’s get inside the members area here shall we you know and as usual tons of the proof and that’s the great thing about this method I you know I had a peek inside the members area I went through each video and this is for real you guys these are not fake screenshots they have they’re doing this by themselves for themselves they’re doing this for clients this is the real McCoy all right now here we are inside the members area and what the method is is I’m gonna give a little bit away obviously I can’t keep the whole method away because the vendors would be mad at me but it’s centered around you know you’ve probably heard of Pinterest it’s centered around Pinterest and it’s centered around taking advantage of people who are hugely popular already on Pinterest and then I’m exploiting them to basically funnel in profits for yourself it’s not illegal it’s not even unethical all right it just works it’s very brilliant I’ve never seen it done before quite in this way which is cool so it has nothing to do with the traditional I am marketing that you used to I am marketing that with the internet marketing marketing I marketing and are not marketing whatever I go off on tangents anyways um there’s a lot of content here you know each box opens in these this is all you know each one two three four five videos here one here two here and it goes like that so there’s a lot a lot of content are there OTO yes there are OTO s– some of them are great others not so great my favorite for this one is OTO one this one right here why because it’s a done-for-you program you know this method is simple that doesn’t mean it’s easy so there’s a lot of stuff to remember there’s a lot of stuff you have to implement in OTO one you are shown how to not only get to the next level but they provide the templates what they have done everything is done for you so you can literally just copy and paste and off you go there’s no thinking involved and also as part of our bonus packs let’s see if I can jump over to our bonus page here this is our bonus page anyone who buys OTO one from us gets a special bonus you basically get free access to a three hundred dollar program which we have right here which is absolutely insane it’s called a five figure shortcut I don’t want to spend a lot of time on that because I’m gonna focus on the main thing I just want to give you a heads up that if you do OTO one you get all our bonuses plus you get our 300 our coaching program that we’ve seen so many success stories from let me get back to that later but I don’t want to cheat you out of seeing what the actual program is about so again refreshing centers around Pinterest’s you know and and you get to make money off of already success successful people by following their formula um OTO 2 is also good I think the pricing of the hotel is I think it’s wrong it’s it’s thirty seven or forty seven dollars I can’t remember and OTO two I haven’t looked too much on into it so basically you know asks you you know when you buy you’ll be you’ll get the OTO two offered so just have a look for yourself you know and if you like it you know it’s Jason Fulton and he always delivers value so if you like it grab it as always comes with a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with it OTO 3 all I know is that it’s a software that simplified stuff and then OTO 4 is if you just want to sell this program for yourself which is just not relevant for anyone so I’m gonna say OTO 1 definitely amazing offer and then the rest of the OTO is you know have a look at them yourself and make up your mind so let’s get into the bonus all right this is our bonus page all right we have a hundred spots so it’s only 400 people once we head out unto people we close it down because we’re giving away insane value here I’m not gonna spend time going through all these because you are probably on the page as you’re viewing this if you’re on YouTube right now just look at the you know at the link in the in the description and then you’ll get on to this bonus page so you’ll be able to get the bonuses but this is insane value you guys we’re throwing in so much good stuff and you know we have a we have a countdown timer right here this just went live and already 43 spots are gone I can try to refresh this page to see if it’s changed there you go 59 are gone so you know it’s going up almost every time i refresh this so we’re gonna be out of these bonus spots pretty soon nothing wrong with that because even if you just get this program I think it’s wrong 12 or 13 dollars I mean it is an amazing value and you can literally do what they’re saying here once you’ve set it up to start refreshing and see what happens see what happens to your PayPal accounts is there anything else that I forgot I don’t think so I think that covers it so all you got to do is just basically um normally you would you know click this one but you know I think you’re gonna be on this let’s see where is it yeah that you’re gonna be on the bonus page so you know you just grab this link right here and this will actually take you to the sales page you know you can browse the sales page if you want and then you just click here to get access and then your bonus is accessed automatically through warrior Plus you know so like when you buy this you’ll get a thing from warrior Plus that says you know you can access your purchase here and that’s where you also can access your bonus so that is it refreshing awesome awesome launch grey very creative products and obviously an insane bonus and to get back to OT o1 here if you buy OTO one you get our five figure shortcuts if you look at let’s see we got thirty two thousand and two hours and this is something that me and Spencer released right here twelve thousand dollars in a day there’s more screenshots of our PayPal accounts there’s one day 53,000 there’s another day 28,000 so this is affiliate marketing no it’s not even that well it is affiliate marketing and it isn’t but it’s at a very very high level we sold this course for three hundred dollars two hundred ninety seven dollars but it is now closed as you can see this offer is now closed except we are opening it if you grab that OTO one from refreshen you will get a copy of that program and it’ll be instructions inside your bonus on how to get it so tremendous value especially the five figure shortcut it’s life-changing stuff if you really apply this stuff it certainly changed my life and we give away everything we do there so you know but back to refreshing all in all even if you want to just grab the course and no oto so you still have a tremendous value in the course and you could go far with it so that’s it for me I’m going and you know click the applicable button link below to grab this course and I will see you inside thank you

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