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hi Dan Anthony rosicki coming to you with another Rafi and I’m here inside the members area of refreshing but first I wanted to tell you about a bit more about this product and what it does so refreshing is a training course created by Maj berry and Jason Fulton it goes like on a wireless network on the 11th of March 2018 instant standing time and inside this training you guys are gonna be learning how mush Berry has been building simple webpage sites that allows him to earn $500 per month and how you can too and he’s gonna walk you through step by step exactly how to build his passive income sites or from 100% free traffic source and this traffic source doesn’t get mentioned much and it’s a bit of an old-school method with no trees because with these websites you can build any type of niche you want and it doesn’t even have to be related to affiliate marketing which is an awesome thing about this method because if you have popping about selling information products and services and I need to have any skills or experience in selling because even if you can promote it you can even promote digital products on Amazon with this free traffic source as well and this Repsol’s can be ecommerce store app install or associate any site you have fashioning and if you don’t have experience setting up a website that way because Massey is gonna show you exactly how to do it step-by-step and I’m not another pop-up that new piece price is actually quite content for your websites in new sites and Masch is kinda crazy in awesome trees to generate content for your site we’ve had much effort and he’s also gonna show you how to monetize it and generate traffic to a 100% complete or autopilot and this is a great training course and he’s great for newbies who are interested in creating niche sites and who just want to make a passive income mine and who have trouble selling online because they saw say already with this method if you implement it and work on it there’s no reason why you can’t make money with this method but as always there’s no guarantees that you can make this make it work for you however if you take time in action on this training and take you for a test drive and if you don’t see results for yourself you can hundred-percent money-back guarantee within your first 30 days after passage seeing the product and what I really like about the training is that the Memphis area is really well organized and is easy to follow training mosh or Society everything on how to choose her knees and breaks everything down so as I said this is inside the members area and you’re gonna find all the training modules along the side here on the left side and it’s a pretty cool traffic method that my she’s gonna talk to you guys about and if you’re intermediate or advanced marketer you puppy know this type of method but this is great for newbies who want to get started with using this method and what this method actually talks about is how to generate traffic from using Pinterest and Pinterest is a pretty cool website we get massive amounts of years and followers on day and if in insider training what you gotta learn is exactly how to locate there innocently leaders in this module and in this module it’s all about doing niche research and ma she’s gonna show you exactly how to find our winning niche they saved a niche works well and in this training module look into the health niche in finish and shows you how to find the best niches to choose from before you actually start crying these websites and their plan module is all about the research is raw and we’re must talk to you about how to find nation leaders and identify the best topics and content that they create for their websites and why they follow and why they followers and that followed them and how to keep your research in a spreadsheet so you go find a really popular niches you should really um find the best influences and start following them but it’s not really just about following them there’s a bit of a trick to it because if you just start following them and then clicking their followers you are not gonna really get much traffic back to your website so Masha is gonna show you how to do it properly in this one and then in the next module is about building your business and Masha is gonna show you about how to build your website from the ground up and how to quite uncommon I’ll completely shine and you don’t even have to write a background in your own content and one type of site you’re gonna be using is a wordpress site and workplace is pretty simple easy to use and you’re being required to do on a um self hosting website where you be on where you should be only get your own domain name in order he dead guys into you how to build a cotton in builder pins and marshall talked about how to generate traffic from Pinterest properly find the niche leaders in influences in how to follow other members and get follow this rule which is very important to do and then they said summer in here on the topic and then they some upgrades so cos this is a really cool training um most weenie I was quite impressed in it and I fought the actual course itself is pretty valuable specifically where mush talks about the awesome free traffic method and had his beauties websites in in gets massive amounts of followers and he Mexico Debenham amount of money online with a roughly on average amount of five hundred dollars per month using like affiliate networks such as my song and you done if you need to promote affiliate marketing products because it can be digital products physical products as well and the thing I found that unlocked in this training insta if you’re not really taking with building webpage sites you might need to get a better experience and the other thing is that if you don’t know much about affiliate marketing on Amazon you might have to arms and you need to understand a bit more about social media marketing however I have put together some really cool bonuses which will complement this training which will help you get more experience in the process so if you click on a link in the description area below this video you’ll jump on to my bonus page which will look something like this I just click on that you’ll land on this and you’re gonna get a bit more of a walk through after bonus page and I’m gonna gonna walk you through my basis so these are brand new bonuses that I have put together for this product launch so bonus number one is my wordpress fast-track training on how you and you’re gonna get some awesome skills and techniques on how to become a website expert in just over an hour and bonus number two is my training course on social media training specifically me on our social media traffic and you’re gonna discover a proven strategy for driving nicer targeted traffic to your website and this is our easy to follow training complimentary to this training course bonus number three is my social media advantage marketing and you can discover step-by-step blueprint to dominate social media marketing to make profits online this is a a part social media training course bonus number four is my guide to your Amazon affiliate marketing where you’re going to learn how to supplement your income with Amazon affiliate marketing and then I have some more bonus training on social media specifically with Pinterest since this training calls us got to do with Pinterest and you’re going to learn how to build your brain grow your business online using Pinterest and then bonus number six is my facebook mastermind group where you get to interact with me and my other members if you have any problems or help getting started online making money online plus if you party far enough ping off with fleshly you kind of get some awesome bonuses – from the credits and you’re gonna get as Quick Start Guide on the refreshing Murphy and then you’re gonna get a step-by-step video training and then you’re gonna get up refresh and see what to 1800 only $3.00 per mark I study so let’s take a look at the upsells so the main course price front end is featuring too often feeding trough 19 before and the first upsell is a done-for-you refreshing campaign where you get the opportunity to have the refresher method done for you where you get done for your campaigns and 37 dollars in second upsell is forty seven dollars and this is a French training tactics where you get discount every refreshing method to get results to fasten the training and the first option is a software where that allow that will allow you to drive traffic that will allow you to draw an unlimited amount of traffic to your websites you just have read clicks of emails and the fourth upsell is license wise way which is $97 and this is an opportunity where you can get to sell this product ACN and keep hundred percent of the money 195 entire funnel revenue so let’s take a look at the sales page so this is the sales page of the refreshing method and the headline he says what if making 500 per month in passive income was as simple as clicking refresh on your browser discover how to crack an uppity passive income streams with free traffic using this brand new hundred percent newbie friendly method I mean why lockup at his headline is that yes she can cry unlimited passive income streams but there’s not guarantees that he can make $100 a month but in his coffee possible if you start implementing this traffic method in this training straight away however is always with free traffic it might take some time to see some results and yes this is sort of a brand new method if you’re intermediate or advanced marketer you puppies in this type of training before and I hunter person EP friendly method well if it are really happy much press experience you probably my fine I’ve been of overwhelmed when you get started after me as I say I got asked by an assistant to help you out more and they say we got down to the page let’s take a look yes this has nothing to do with affiliate marketing tech skills work on it as I saying you do need to have a bit of techie skills get it set up in 45 minutes or less yes if the puppy can get all set up peeping depends on you and your on how fast you can get it going make money while you sleep yes it is possible to make money wisely this method uses free traffic is different uses free trapping also does wash also so see how to take advantage of the paid traffic method how to set up a business account using Pinterest co2 1896 dollar case studies including click refresh and scale your income yes it is possible because Russia’s going to show you an awesome way on how to build the content and Orion hundred users click refresh and the content is automatically generated and he’s pretty ethical to do it in the writer he’s gun-shy now and Ezra Cadiz down the page you get to see the income proof that washe was able to generate with this income and there is some testimonials that this method works because much had some beta testers try this program out before and they all say that the content the course worked for them and as we go down again he see the testimonies you know so as I said this is the sales page and once you click on the link on the air you know on my beefy finger you’ve been landed took this page here so guys I hope you have found this review really informative and if you haven’t already please subscribe to my youtube channel so you don’t miss out on other future content previous and click on the bill notification button so you get notified when a new video is out and please don’t hesitate to leave any comments or suggestions you might have be like this video so that’s it for this review we’ll see you on the next one this is a fini rusik signing off

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