Refreshen Review – Make $500 / month per site

hi guys this is Gretchen and Enka and today I’m doing a review of a refreshing refreshing shows you how to set up very simple websites drive free traffic to those websites and make approximately 500 dollars per month or so per website that’s sort of a realistic goal that the creators of the system refresh and have set out for you and that’s what’s they’ve been able to achieve with their new sites as well so I’m gonna show you through the sales page first Before we jump into the actual course okay guys so basically the headline here is what if making 500 per month in passive income was as simple as clicking refresh on your browser and that is certainly possible it’s probably makes it a little bit simpler than what it really is but that’s ultimately what the system allows you to do now it says discover how to create unlimited passive income streams with free traffic and they’ve provided some of their own proof ok you can see that there is some of their own proof which is a mix of Adsense and Amazon affiliate Commission’s revenue so you can see 631 733 one hundred and ninety four thousand views and so forth okay and the way that they’re showing you how to actually monetize your traffic is with a couple of methods like I said so this one here is Amazon okay one 893 in the period of January is Amazon commissions and then what you see above is edson so monetization comes from Adsense and from Amazon affiliate commissions so that’s probably all you need to know you know the rest of the sales page is pretty sort of yeah you know this is great it works and so forth get to just standard copy for this kind of course I won’t waste your time going on it I just wanted to show you the proof first now second thing is we’re gonna jump into the members area here alright so that’s where the interesting stuff starts the course is extremely well laid out it’s a high-quality course and you will find that the information is presented there’s a lot of information and it is presented in a way that is quite easy to consume okay so it’s organized into modules here you can check these first locate winners and leaders plan build your beers generate traffic leads and sales summary and then you can so get the upgrades heroes if you want as well all right now what do you need to know about this so essentially the course shows you how to get traffic from Pinterest I’ve put out the number of Pinterest traffic courses myself however even if you bought traffic rebirth or any of my previous Pinterest traffic courses I still highly recommend you pick this up and the reason for this is that it shows something very very different very unique and very fresh and that is how to build an Amazon affiliate website that has Adsense and other ads on it as well okay and that’s something that I have not shown in any of my courses so you can certainly learn something new because the course this refreshin course is only going to be $12.95 when it goes live I think it’s hugely valuable for you to also learn what a show inside refreshen especially if you have not bought any of my Pinterest traffic courses if you have still there is some very good information here now I won’t go through this module by module right because in essence what they’re showing you is a similar strategy to some of my courses so basically they’re going to show you how to well I guess I might go through this step-by-step so essentially going to show you the course they’re going to show you the steps okay how to ligate winners and leaders so basically like it-and winners and leaders is about identifying your niche so there is a good module that’s dedicated to how to identify the niche in which you can easily get traffic in which you can easily make money as well alright then planning so how do you actually set out the plan for your website you will be required to build a simple website don’t worry it’s very simple everything is actually showing here step by step and then how do you actually promote it I guess they’re gonna give you that plan then they’re gonna show you how to build your site and then it says watch me build a complete niche site in four minutes flat alright so it’s not complicated to build a website if you’ve never built a website before do not get alarmed and don’t think that oh my gosh what am I going to do I’m gonna build a website you can’t do it then you will need to populate it with some simple content again don’t worry it’s just articles okay because you need some content to drive traffic to otherwise you know what are you gonna get the traffic to and then how to build your pins so pins are kind of like posts on Pinterest and you know Pinterest is an amazing traffic platform I use it myself I highly recommend that everyone else uses Pinterest as well so if you’re not familiar with Pinterest this is definitely great course to start with and then they’re going to show you how to actually generate the traffic leads and sales okay so this is the module which i think is a very good module as well so you can go through and there’s twenty minutes worth of information here you basically gonna use your main keyword to locate niche leaders then like a group Ward’s that the niche leaders are members off then you’re gonna join that group Ward’s meet other influences niche leaders follow and get follow a pin or a pin get repinned and then you will get free buying niche traffic now if you have got any of my Pinterest courses before you might think well I already know this but guess what you might not know just yet it is about how to actually build out your site how to build out your content how to lay it out for example here in the building your content how to lay it out in such a way that you’ve got affiliate links to Amazon how to lay it out so that you get nice click throughs to your Adsense ads that is something that’s definitely covered extremely well in this course and for me personally I highly recommended now I also know that you guys like to know what the upsells are the course asks I’m gonna switch screens now in a second here and then I’m going to show you what the upgrades of the course are alright so as you can see refreshin which is the actual course itself it reveals to you how you can build a limited 500 per month passive money engines with free traffic ok so that’s gonna be 1295 then you’ve got some upgrades and these upgrades there are four of them and you don’t need the upgrades it’s optional of course as always but if you want to pick up the upgrades they’re going to be $37 for some done for your campaign and there will be an option if he hit if you go to that upgrade and then at the bottom you hit no thanks you will be able to see an option that is a seventeen dollar option it will be smaller but essentially you can get our either a bigger package or a smaller package and you will learn how to get basically we’ll get some done for your campaigns okay then the second upgrade after that that you can pick up again two options 47 and 27 years you’re gonna get some advanced tactics and look you you may want that you might not decide to pick it up it’s completely up to you guys but I just I’m letting you know what it is and how much it costs and if you want to get the $27 version then you can just hypno things at the very bottom of the screen for the 47 dollar version then you will get a software which drives unlimited traffic for you so it just makes traffic generation from pinterest bits easier okay so you can get that as well and then if you want you can also pick up for 97 bucks it can pick up rights to essentially get 100% Commission’s on this product so that you can sell it to yourself for a 100% Commission of the entire funnel so hopefully that makes sense to you guys alright cool so thank you very much for watching this review I highly recommend that you pick up a refreshing it is an excellent course and you know even though you can’t sometimes tell from the sales page whether it’s a good course or not because it’s just full of the usual sort of formula you know get this it’s so easy to make money and so on I really do highly recommend that you pick this up this is a high quality course it’s based on a real case study the guys that have put it together I really doing it themselves and it’s just an excellent resource so thank you and as always thank you very much for watching my videos and I will see in the next one cheers guys

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