Refreshen Review Plus Custom Bonuses And Method Breakdown

what’s up internet marketer is like pause minute marketing Jim calm today I am reviewing refreshing okay it’s a course by Maj berry and Jason fought photon before I get into the actual sales page inside the actual course and show you and review the OTO s I want to go over the custom bonuses that I’m providing plus the bonuses that the creators are providing okay so let’s jump on right over here and as you can see my first bonus is customers number one three essential plugins I actually get traffic and I profit daily using a very similar method you’re gonna find a refreshing now maybe they forgot or they’re not aware of certain things they could do to improve their traffic methods let me show you I’m on my site here as you can see I get loads of traffic over a thousand people a day visit my site and one of the traffic methods they use is Pinterest I got 365 people today to visit my site from Pinterest yesterday almost half of my total amount 552 unique visits from Pinterest ok so I know how to get traffic from from Pinterest and I want to show you exactly with my bonuses not only not only do you get their method but you also get some more details on again on how to get more Pinterest traffic so that’s customers number one three essential plugins you need for Pinterest traffic let’s go to bonus number two this is my own personal piece of software Pinterest SEO keyword tool I had this develop for myself this was great Pinterest for all the keywords that people type in the Pinterest for your niche you get this all yours if you get refreshing via via via through me okay next bonus number three Pinterest traffic guide this is my step by step video instructionals and written instruction on how to get Pinchas traffic this is what I use on a daily basis to get the traffic that I showed you okay really important you didn’t want this as well you also on top of that you get my resource my source I’m sorry for Pinterest groups okay get group get it get accepted to groups in any niche Pinterest traffic on top very important bones you’re gonna want this as well on top of that you’re gonna want to get my whole case study on how I use and leverage Pinterest for not only traffic but to get buyers I make sales daily with with Pinterest so you’re gonna want to get that on top of all this Pinterest talk I’m gonna give you my exclusive bonuses on how to get facebook traffic that’s bonus number six Facebook traffic guide just like the traffic guy with Pinterest you get instructional videos and a written guide and on top of that you get my facebook track traffic tool I use this on a daily basis and it helps me vote on different Facebook groups that I belong to and those in those niches and on top of that you get the five bonuses from the creators of of refreshin let me show you those bonuses right now bonus number one from the from the product creators you get monthly salary generator plugin okay I don’t know too much about this bonus but because everyone else is offering it I want to offer to you as well as an incentive next when this drag-and-drop page builder plugin okay this is a case study is 700k free monthly visitors also author blogger plugin okay this is actually really important because i went through the course and this is this is this tool you’re gonna need if you want to get content on your site really quickly really easily okay this this method does not rely on google so that’s one of the one of the things i like about one of the great things i like about this course is not rely on google okay so this is really cool so you can use this one and it works and animate anything plugin now if you’re gonna be doing pinterest traffic you’re gonna want to appeal to the people’s visual side and this is this is gonna help you with that okay so now that we seen all the bonuses let’s jump into the others to jump onto the sales page again and see what the authors of this product are claiming okay this is this product is by like I said before Marsh berry really cool guy and Jason Fulton another inner marker that I respect and here in the in the title headline it says discover how to create unlimited passive income streams with free traffic methods with free traffic using this Brad 100% newbie friendly method okay it’s uh it is newbie friendly and that’s what I love about it it’s not it’s not new because I do it myself but it is if you don’t know what you’re doing then it is good it is tricky that’s why you have not only this course but you have my custom bonuses okay so what are what are the what are the bullets what are the bullet points brand new method that for anyone yes that it definitely can’t work for anyone this has nothing to do with affiliate marketing the beauty about this is it can you can use your affiliate marketing you can use it for your products you can send this via traffic anywhere that’s the cool thing no no tech skills required well I disagree you need to know in the beginning some some key components but it’s nothing difficult and you get that via via this course so don’t worry about that Hunter’s a newbie friendly yes get set up in 45 minutes or less I think in you’re gonna need a little bit more time I would say maybe four or five hours to set everything up but once it’s set up it’s done you never have to hassle with it again so I would say not 45 minutes but definitely it doesn’t take it doesn’t take days and days and days make money while you sleep well it depends where you live in the time zones depends where your buyer traffic is if if you’re in another country like I am and your audience isn’t he in the US for example then you might be making money while you sleep so yeah this is definitely true zero – OH $1,800 case study included that’s true I saw that as well and refresh the scale your income as big as you want okay cool and of course marsh and Jason I have a bunch of tour I’m sorry proof of earnings plus they also have testimonials or testimonials so yeah all that good stuff is in here okay now let’s jump into the actual course okay I’m gonna jump into the actual course right here okay so you get the welcome video that’s number one and then you cut it give the course overview what I like about this little overview here I saw this already he Marsh Marsh is a narrator and uh and and he shows you all the details mushu’s is a whiteboard okay and I really love this because it’s old-school and it’s very clear it’s to the point he shows you what this this course is all about and how are you going and how you’re gonna earn online steps and overviews now he goes above and beyond because in this little video he takes the overview and he breaks down little more details using his whiteboard okay and then you have a case study in this case study he shows you what not not his results but one of his clients results one of his customers results and how they applied the same methods from refreshing and how they applied it and got actual in their kata on their side they got traffic to your site and of course profit to their prophet to their pockets into their pockets really cool case study there now like I said this course has to do with Pinterest traffic so this is a really important one next video how to find those those group boards how to find those leaders in your niche that you can copy that you can replicate that you can that you can imitate to get the same exact results and I know this because I knew I know this works is I do this myself okay I showed you check this out I get over a thousand visitors a day okay and almost almost half of that is from Pinterest so I know this works okay and you’re gonna want my bonuses because it just it just goes just coincides with the message you learn in refreshing okay I forgive me I’m a little excited because yeah this is this is a right right into my wheelhouse I know all about Pinterest and I know how it works plan like a pro okay now yes yes this in this in this little video he gives you some really cool insights on how to go about looking for the content you’re gonna need to create that will get shared on or and repent excuse me on Pinterest okay he gives you all the details the sites you need to go to what you need to find and then once you do that all you gotta do is replicate and the beauty about this product is that the content is not an issue the content is very simple to create actually you’re not creating yourself you’re kind of you’re kind of replicating it and then giving credit to other people so it’s not so it’s not stealing so don’t worry about that but it’s a really cool way and doesn’t rely on Google which I really love okay build your business in this site in this module he shows you how to build your site already socks a very simple tutorial he does it in a very fast way and he also makes it into a complete niche site in under four minutes within this video and then build your content this this is a beauty part and this is where the bonus um the bonus number not this one yes auto blogger plugin comes in this is really cool again you’d have to worry about ranking on google you don’t have to worry about this this is Pinterest so you don’t worry about duplicate content none of that jazz this is this is where this plugin comes in okay so you get that build your pins okay um in this video he shows you how to create your beautiful Pinterest pins and don’t worry anybody in this day and age can create beautiful images you don’t have to own any images you laughter you don’t have to worry about copyright you can get public domain images and you can set it up in seconds it’s super quick okay not seconds but minutes okay minutes really cool video and yeah some of the bonuses that I have in my in my my my bonus bundle will also talk about this and show you how to do the same thing okay there we go into the rate traffic leads and sales okay I don’t want to show you too much there but yeah it just this is where it all comes together okay this is where it all comes together where all of these modules start start getting you the traffic you know you take the steps in those modules and then you all put it together and you start generating traffic and leads and of course sales that’s that’s where that’s what this module is all about and he’s and he goes over March he goes over exactly what all the components and he condenses it so that you understand exactly what to do and how to replicate how to replicate replicate it can speak today had a replica replicate the results that his clients get and that he gets okay so that’s refreshing in a nutshell all you also get upgrades if you want to get those right here before we continue on with this review I want to talk about the OTO so you can find within refreshing okay they are as follows OTO one for 37 bucks done free you refreshing campaigns okay that’s basically what what kind of ads to convert on Pinterest the types of Pinterest pins are you gonna use all of it given to you OTO to $47 advanced refreshing tactics these are more details on how to get traffic from Pinterest okay for ot o3 $47 traffic software okay this is traffic software that’s gonna apply to Pinterest and your site okay and OTO for if your internet marketer like myself you might want to get all of the profits from from promoting refreshing if that’s the case just 497 dollars you can get license rights okay do you need the o2 is refreshing to work absolutely not but I will say the OTO 3 does help you get hot to get you a hands-off approach to Pinterest traffic so that’s my recommendation you don’t need it but if you want it OTO 3 okay so yeah let’s continue with this okay and the fast and the fast action bonuses are the bonuses that are are brought to you by the product creators so I have nothing to do with those you do get those as well plus you get all the bonuses that we mentioned before the dragon rough page builder the Muncie Sutter generator plug-in the 7k 700 K case study the auto auto blogger plug-in animate anything plug-in plus of course my custom buckle that you’re gonna want so yeah that’s uh that’s refreshing I hope you enjoyed this video and remember if you want to get results like these then please check out the link below and see my full review and you’ll get all of that information this is like pause saying talk to you later bye bye [Applause] [Applause] [Music]

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