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hey it’s poor nickels here from Paul Nichols helping you to build a passive online income one brick at a time now in today is a brand new video what I’m going to be doing is going over and reviewing a brand new course that I was lucky enough to get a copy from one of my good friends and I’ve just been the last few hours going through the entire course so this video is going to be my honest review and this is called it’s actually a little bit of a funny name it’s called refresh but there’s an en at the end of it so it’s it’s refreshing so a little bit of a strange name I know so this is going to be my honest review of the refreshen course so this is a brand new course which has which is going to be coming out on Sunday the 11th of March at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time and that’s going to be 2 p.m. here in the UK now as you can see from the set from the page we’re on at the moment and this is going to teach you exactly how to discover how to create unlimited passive income streams using all free traffic so as always if you’ve watched any of my reviews before we’re going to go through this page here quickly very quickly this is the sales page then we’re going to go over to the members area and I’m going to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes look at exactly what you get should you want to pick up a copy of this brand new course when it comes out on Sunday so this is going to be my honest review now unlike a lot of people I often or I always pull out the bad things that I don’t like about the course and I’m always completely transparent and completely honest with you so this is going to be my completely honest review as I said I’ve gone through the entire course and there’s some things that I found that I like and there’s some things that I don’t like so I’m going to be giving you the good things and the bad things about this course so you can decide yourself if you want to grab a copy so you know exact what you’re gonna learn before you jump in and grab a copy of this so let’s crack into it so this is my refreshing review now the first thing is okay exactly what are you gonna learn in this course that’s the most important thing yet you want to know exactly how this is going to help you in your business how this is going to help you online to make more money to get more sales and all of that well you can see here from the sales page discover how to create unlimited passive income streams with free traffic using this brand-new 100% newbie friendly method okay okay okay let’s just stop there I will tell you now exactly what this is yeah what you’re going to be doing is you’re going to be using a completely free traffic source and yes I’ve I’ve used this traffic source before I’ve gone through the course and I’ve seen everything they teach you it is a very good ethical free traffic source there are people that use it that make very very good money so I know this works and it works extremely well so the actual traffic method that you use in this course which it teaches you how to use it to get free traffic to your sites and make sales and make money does work okay so so that straightaway yes it does work the actual way you’re going to make money is you’re going to be using the actual platform which they tell you to get traffic from you’re actually going to use that platform to drive traffic back to your sites okay back to your websites and your blogs so you can make money and the way that you set this up is in such a way that this can run on autopilot yeah so there’s there’s various different ways you can run this and and do it but you know without giving everything away that’s pretty much what’s going to happen here and this is something that anybody can pretty much use I will be honest this isn’t rocket science okay this is not that difficult if you’re after a method and there’s always methods coming out because there’s different courses coming out all the time different products and all that as you probably know but people are always coming up with new methods new ways to make money different traffic methods okay this is something that not only works right now but this has been working for a fairly long time and also this is going to be working for a long time into the future as well because as I said this is an ethical traffic source so if you’re looking for something to use free traffic that you’re going to be using free traffic and it’s not gonna cost you hardly anything to get started and it’s fairly simple to do there aren’t many moving parts then you’re gonna like this okay you’re gonna really really like what they show you here so anyway let’s quickly scroll down the page I’ll talk more about the course as we go through this video so should you pick up a copy if you click the link on my blog below this video you’ll come through to this page so I don’t want you to be alarmed at anything that you see on this page this is just a fairly basic sales page yeah it isn’t anything – hi Pete I’m in the the actual headline here doesn’t actually give you any like huge figures I’m going to say it here what if you’re making five hundred dollars a month in passive income yeah as simple as clicking refresh on your browser okay I’m not gonna tell you I’m not going to go and so all that BS okay just a case of pushing refresh on your browser once you set this up yes you can make some very very good money but don’t think this is something that you’re just going to sit back you know you know and just sit on a beach and not do any work and this is going to make you tons of money I’m always I’m always honest yes this takes a little bit of work however it’s definitely gonna pay off and it definitely works you know anything you do online is gonna take you a little bit of work no matter what people tell you 500 dollars a month can you make five hundred dollars per month from just one campaign that you create yes you can actually can there’s many many people out there using this method at the moment so you could be the next person okay to jump on this I don’t personally use this method that much I know it works very very well I have used it however I’ve got other you know ways that I make money in my business I’ve got other ways that I actually generate traffic and all of that because I’ve got all of my own products I’ve got all of my own sales funnels you know and all that kind of stuff but if you’re kind of a beginner if you’re a bit of a newbie if you don’t have all the stuff I have like in place at the moment and you’re just looking to make a little bit of money or perhaps you just want to increase your income this is definitely gonna help this is you know a solid way to really increase your income and just make some bucks you know just make some money so so yeah the sales page isn’t too high Peter some FAQ to the bottom there so anyway let’s crack over let’s crack on and go over to the members area so should you pick up a copy this is the page that you’re going to see if you come over and buy a copy through my blog so you’ll as soon as you as soon as you purchase you’ll go through to the to the confirmation pages normal click the link to get your login details and then you just log in here okay there’s nothing to download you just log in here and all your training will be on this page yeah all of these areas here these these all drop down okay there’s there’s all these different videos here so there’s there’s 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 so that there’s 11 videos here yeah not too many videos to go through there isn’t an absolute ton of training to go through you know it is a reasonably sized course but you could quite easily go through this course within a couple of hours yeah and you could begin setting this up this afternoon or that or this morning whenever you’re watching this video or whenever you’d actually decide to buy so it’s a simple course okay I do like the members area it’s laid out in an easy-to-understand way all the videos are on YouTube yes far as I can see so there’s nothing to download there’s nothing you know there’s no there’s no complex kind of things that you need to do or download so really really simple so yeah and the guy that teaches you in the videos yeah you can completely understand him it’s all easy to understand so yeah you know I do like the course really really good and the bottom line is what you learn in this course actually works and you can use this traffic methods to actually start to get some visitors to your site because I know for I know from past experience this is one of the hardest things that people face you know people deal with and people have to face online is trying to get enough traffic I mean you can pay for traffic yeah you can go out there this afternoon and buy a solo ad for $50.00 or you could go and buy some traffic from bing you could go and buy some traffic from Facebook yeah that’s you know there’s tons and tons of traffic out there but if you want free traffic if you don’t have a big budget and you just want to get started for free and literally get free traffic then you can use this methods to not only drive traffic to your sites that you have already but if you want to use the entire kind of model that they use and they teach you in this course then you can use everything all in one lot to make some money so yeah it’s a it’s a really good course very very ethical good solid training and I do like it and yes it’s definitely gonna help so onto the actual price of the course now this type of course yeah would I would say could quite easily be sold for thirty seven forty seven dollars yeah without a problem but if you grab this as soon as it opens it’s only $12 ninety-five very very cheap yeah unlike a lot of big courses out there yeah which which are going to be a lot you know a lot bigger a lot more in-depth this is just $12 ninety-five and you’re given a good way of generating free traffic and the entire method they teach you just teaches you to basically make some some money so it could be affiliate commissions it could be your own products the bottom line is you use the traffic method that they show you in the cause to drive traffic to your blogs and your sites and then you kind of make money however you want you know it could be on Adsense it could be selling affiliate offers it could be selling cpa offers whatever you want but when you see how this works you’ll understand you’ll quickly understand that when you start to drive the traffic in whatever niche you want to drive traffic from then you can drive traffic to your sites and kind of make money however you want to make it so you know it could be as I just said it could be CPA office affiliate products your own products all that kind of stuff so yeah 1295 this is when the doors open so if you want it at the cheapest possible price jump in early and you’ll only pay 12.95 now as normal there is a early bird yeah for people that pick this up quickly now I believe is going to be for the first four to six hours yeah it’s normally the first four to six hours so for this make sure you pick it up in the first four to six hours to guarantee that you get it at the cheapest possible price because otherwise it will be more expensive when you come back now there are a few upgrades that you have the option of picking up I’m going to go through them now some of them are actually very very good now if we go through go to here so there’s actually four different upgrades now I will be honest some of them are very very good other ones you need to think about you know seriously think about it before you before you buy it yeah I’m always very very honest in everything that you get access to and or you get you get presenters so the first the first upgrade you’ve got number one here number two and the three number four so the first upgrade is the dumb for you refreshing campaigns now if there’s if there’s one thing that’s definitely going to help you and that is going to be the campaigns that are already done for you okay it’s a comprehensive method that everything is shown in front of the end product in in the front end product the upsell is the next logical step for training okay so here we they give you the opportunity to have the refreshing method done for you by using their dumb few campaigns at just thirty seven dollars okay so yes this will save you a lot of time and anything that it’s to do but done for you is definitely worth going for ok I’ve always said that because if it saves you a lot of time it’s definitely worth it now also you’ve got the advanced refreshing tactics as well now what a lot of students get everything they need to succeed in the main course the top grade is actually training that will show them advanced tactics to scale over fresh and income and get results faster so again you know this is going to help you to just get in a little bit faster so if you want to make money faster if you want to get results faster this is definitely something that you need to seriously consider now the software there’s actually some software as well this gives you software where you can drive an unlimited amount of traffic to your passive money engines with just a few clicks of the mouse okay now I will be honest I know what software this is yeah I’m pretty sure I know what this software is because there’s only one software out there that does this and it’s very very good ok this software is going to help you just basically it automates the process so you can drive traffic a lot lot easy a lot faster so it it saves you having having to do this manually yeah if there’s one thing that you should always try to do is automate things where it doesn’t take you you know hours upon hours to do things manually yeah you know when you work online there’s lots of tools out there which can automate different processes that you that you have to use to make money and this is one of them ok the software definitely definitely something that will really make it easier for you so that’s number three that’s the upgrade number that’s 47 bucks and the upsell number for the upgrade number 4 is the license rights now this is the license right which basically mean if you want to sell this product yourself online yeah so when you sell it as an affiliate you will be given 100 percent of the entire sales funnel so all four of these products here plus the main offer yeah well you get all 100 percent commissions so if you want to sell all of these online okay you know as an affiliate but you get given 100 percent commissions when our civilians promote this type of stuff we only get 50 percent yeah we don’t make anywhere near 100 so if you were to only make one sale but someone bought every single one okay that would easily pay for your entire cost okay of the license rights [Music] so if you actually purchased the license rights and $97 and someone came through and purchased even a couple of you upgrades 47 then 37 and the front ends which is like $13 and and again it’s going to be going up from $13 you’ll make your money back very very quickly so this is only for people that need something to sell online where you want to make maximum amount of commissions yeah very very valuable very very helpful so definitely consider that as well so they’re the four upgrades that you have the option of picking up some very very good ones so please think about it seriously when you go through the actual funnel yeah you don’t need to buy all of them but there are definitely a few there that I highly recommend now the license rights is of course something that you need to get only if you plan on selling this yourself however the software’s are very very good one the actual advanced tactics and the camp and the done for your campaigns are very very valuable so you know have a think to yourself which ones that you think you’re going to really benefit from and there and then you can also go through the main training and then use all those extra training to really increase your income and really take things to the next level a lot lot faster so moving on then let’s go on to the bonuses ah sorry the pros and cons of the course so if we go back over to the sales page okay so before I get to the actual bonuses I’ve got some very very special bonuses for you before I get to my super bonus package I’m just going to quickly go through the things I did like and the things I didn’t like in the course as I said I’ve gone over all the training so I’ve got pros and cons so the pros the things I did like I did think the traffic method was very very good this is a traffic method that anyone can use you know you can use this starting from today or as soon as you pick the course up it’s very very good it’s ethical it’s a long-term method I cannot see this going anywhere for a long long time and you’ll understand why when you get in and have a look and it’s a very doable income methods many many people already using this method to make some good money and it’s passive income because of the way you set things up and again you’ll understand that when you get on the inside and take a look so very very good course laid out very well and everything is easy to understand yeah the members area is nice and simple yeah really really good and for the money it’s a complete no-brainer twelve and a half but twelve dollars 95 if you get in straight away so it’s really really really really cheap now the things I didn’t like this this is possibly something that most people won’t really kind of tell you but I go through courses all the time and I can spot things very very easily the thing that I thought was very very I just didn’t like it okay it was very complicated to understand the first four or five videos he explains how you’re going to be making money with this method and how everything’s going to be in place and how everything is set up I kind of struggle to understand myself now I know with my own experience how this is going to work and I know I know how this works how things be in plays and how you make money yeah I know from just experience but a lot of people and I know you if you go through this course and you watch the first few videos you’re gonna quite possibly be like what the hell do I do now this this doesn’t make much sense to me so that was one of the things I didn’t like I I didn’t feel like they really explained it very well in a very easy to understand way okay I always in a lot of my training as you may know if you’ve picked any of my courses up I like to explain things fully so you completely understand how something works before you actually use it now the or the other thing I didn’t like is they only give you one traffic methods to use although this free traffic method is good I did really like it it’s still only one traffic methods so that’s another thing I just thought it kind of restricts you a little bit because it doesn’t even give you any other ideas on what traffic methods you can use it will be nice if there are some other ones that they give you but they don’t so anyway they’re the two things I didn’t like however in my super bonus package I’ve created some training for you which plugs the gaps on the things I felt that let the course down yeah so don’t worry about those things that I just mentioned because I’ve actually included those as bonuses in the bonus package which I’m going to be giving you should you grab a copy from my blog from Paul Nicholls blog so bonus number one I’m going to give you a walkthrough of exactly how to make money with this entire system and as income methods as quickly as possible so I’m gonna lay out I’m gonna do it in my own way that’s all in take a few minutes but I’m going to show you step-by-step exactly how this works and this is gonna just cut you know cut the time in half on how fast you’re going to understand how this works okay because time is money yeah I know that so I’m going to show you exactly how this works so I’m going to give you a step-by-step walkthrough the first thing to do is this then this then this then this is how you get traffic this is where you send it this how you make money and etc etc so I’m going to give you a nice easy-to-understand walkthrough with no BS and no messing around so that’s bonus number one that alone is gonna save you a ton of time anyone that gets this course I know some I know most people are going to get to the first few videos and think this doesn’t really make total sense I’m kind of a bit lost now so if you’re going to grab it make sure you grab my super bonus package because this is gonna be that bonus number one is going to help you like you would not believe so bonus number two I’m also going to show you what you must do once your sites are making money yeah as much as what they give you is very very good there’s something that you must be completely aware of after your sites starts to make a little bit of money this is very important so this is going to be the next kind of level but if you’re not aware of this when you start to use this income this kind of income model that they give you in this traffic methods then when you start to get results and when you starts making a little bit of money which you will because it’s not a difficult to use you must know what to do next otherwise this is this is going to completely sabotage you all the work that you’ve just put in getting to the point of making some money yeah with this so that’s bonus number two so what you must do what you must do next once your sites are making a little bit of money it’s very important bonus number three what I’m going to do is show you how to put this income method on steroids yeah I’m also going to be giving you another traffic method to use so this is going to be another course I’m going to give you but this is actually going to show you how to get more traffic and another strategy that you can work on so you can get more free traffic to your sites you can get free traffic the way they show you but this that other course I’m going to give you this is actually a paid course yeah this is actually a course that you can go through and there’s lots of extra training in there and this is yours for completely free this is going to show you how to get lots more trap free traffic that’s bonus number three bonus number four is gonna be another extra course which I’m going to send you for completely free and this is all about passive income so because of the topic of this brand-new course is no passive income I wanted to give you some more training on passive income if there’s one thing that I’ve I’ve loved over the years that I’ve been working online and that is making passive income now the word passive income gets thrown around a hell of a lot online I know however I have been making money myself for around for over four years a passive income I’ve been making between I would say five hundred and two and a half thousand dollars a month from passive income actual passive income recurring income so what I’ve got for you is a course that I’ve put together which is going to actually show you how I do it yeah how I make all of my passive income I’m going to be giving you that as it’s just a another bonus so it’s completely free so that’s bonus number four so this is going to give you some more ideas on what you need to work on to generate passive income online and not only to give you more ideas but actually show you the model I use so this in itself could give you tons more ideas on how to make even more money and you know set another income stream up in your business which you can be proud of which is going to make you money for many many years down the road so for bonuses they’re very very good cool cool bonuses which I would love to send you now I’m only going to be giving away 75 where 75 bonuses because as always I’m not just going to give this away to everyone yeah this is for fast action takers only so if you’re one of the first 75 that picks up a copy of refreshing from Paul Nicholls then you will qualify for my super bonus and all four of my bonuses will be waiting for you in the warrior plus download area so if you get any problems and you can’t find your downloads you kind of saw you can’t find your bonuses go into warrior plus and there’ll be a big button there to say your bonuses okay if you can’t find it we get any problems you can email me just look look below this review below this page and there will be an email address that you can email me at and I will help you out okay but most of the time you know most people can actually find the bonuses it’s really really simple so as I said 75 bonuses only once they’re gone they are gone so I really would love to send you my bonuses because there’s some brilliant stuff in there and as always these are bonuses that I’ve just put together you know this is a bonus package which is brand new ok and I’ve never given this actual bonus package away before ok most of the stuff in this course I’ve just created just for this bonus so what you get here is is my own stuff and the stuff that I’ve created myself unlike a lot of the bonuses you know people give you they just peel our garbage and all of that but I’m sure you know that by now if you’ve watched my other videos on my or any of my other reviews on Paul Nicholls blog but anyway that’s enough for today that’s the end of this video thanks for watching and make sure you tune in tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow morning that will be Eastern Standard Time 9:00 a.m. this is when the doors open or if you’re in the UK that’s going to be 9 sorry 2:00 p.m. here in the UK and of course depending where else you are in the world will depend on what time it is for you in your time zone but it’s going to be 9 a.m. Eastern Standard Time that the doors open so if you want a copy and you want to grab it through my blog you can wait around on this blog at the time when it goes live ok when it opens the links above and below this video won’t be active ok you won’t be able to click those links until 9:00 a.m. Eastern so you can hang around on his blog refresh the page and then those links will be active otherwise just wait for any email from me and I will send you an email and then you can come back to this blog at 9:00 a.m. and you can grab your copy you know straight away as soon as opens so you can secure your super bonus package so look out for an email from me on Sunday the 11th of March and I look forward to sending you my awesome bonus package and also you’ll you’re going to be able to get your teeth you know sink your teeth into this brand new course it’s really really good the traffic method itself is definitely worth the price of the $12 95 so look out for an email from me on Sunday so thanks for watching and any comments any questions you have about the course or anything about my bonuses or anything else okay just leave the leave your questions below and I will reply to you myself as soon as possible so thanks for watching and I will see you in my next video take care

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