how are sup guys it’s John here from John OH – Armstrong comm welcome to my refresh and review I’m here inside the members area and I’m going to talk you through what all of these videos are all about in just a second before I get into that I want to talk to you about some custom bonuses that I’ve spent the last three hours putting together so that you can get the best out of refreshing as you can and to check out my bonuses simply click on the link down below in this video description you will come through to this page this is where I host all of my bonuses and if you want to pick up a refreshing at any time during this review all you need to do is click on any of these green buttons throughout my bonus page before this countdown timer runs out because when it does this page will expire and so will all my bonuses that’s something I really don’t want you to miss out on because I spent a lot of time putting these together so that you can get the best out of refreshing as possible so in a nutshell what refreshing does is you’re going to be creating these little niche sites little niche websites and before you’re freaked out is not that difficult okay because you’re not going to be ranking these websites on Google using SEO you don’t have to be creating your own content you don’t have to be creating unique content you can be curating content from other people’s websites and that’s exactly what they’re teaching you how to do inside of this now you’re going to be getting the traffic from Pinterest okay which is a great traffic source and a lot of people having a lot of success using Pinterest so it’s quite a nice little set up but the way that you’re going to be monetizing from this the way that they’re teaching you how to monetize from this is using Adsense I’m not a really a big fan of Adsense myself I prefer to use CPA if you don’t know what CPA is it stands for cost per action now it means that you will be getting paid whether when somebody enters their email address or their phone number or their zip code they don’t actually need to buy anything for it to in order for you to get paid which is the good thing about this and I prefer to monetize these freshen new sites using CPA and that’s exactly what I’m going to be teaching you how to do inside of this bonus tutorial because I think you’ll be able to make more money using CPA than you would using Adsense okay so that’s what I’m going to be teaching you inside of this custom bonus tutorial and all of these bonuses are custom made they’re exclusive to me they’re not available anywhere else because I’m the person who made them and that’s why I’m not available anywhere else and feel free to shop around see what other affiliates are offering in terms of bonuses and then you can always come back here to this page once you’ve realized that my bonuses are the best so bonus number two I’m gonna be giving you access to a software that I’ve been using and that I’m still using to grow my email list now this is a traffic source so you can use this exact software to send traffic to your refreshing niche site instead okay what it is it’s a it’s an Instagram software you load this up with Instagram accounts and inside this tutorial I’m going to show you where you can find Instagram accounts and buy them for less than three dollars per account you load it up with these Instagram accounts and then per account it will go out there and it will follow 300 to 500 people per day and then unfollow them after a certain amount of days now you’re probably thinking are great well this is probably just gonna grow my Instagram following them isn’t it well not really well it does but that’s not really the main reason why I’m giving you this and teaching you this it’s going to go out there it’s going to follow the followers of your competitors so for example you’re in the coffee niche okay this is going to go and follow the followers of your competitors like Starbucks Coffee Bean those kind of places and they’re all tagged it’s all targeted traffic because you know that those people are interested in coffee okay so what’s going to happen is this is going to go out and follow 300 500 people when it follows those random people they’re going to get a notification on their phone and it’s going to say coffee expert whatever-your-name-is has just started following you and they’re going to see that and they’re gonna think Oh who’s this random person but they’re interested in coffee so I’m interested in coffee so I’m going to check it out so they click on the notification they see your bio is also something to do with coffee and there’s a link in there there’s a link in your Instagram bio now a large percentage of these people because it’s targeted traffic you’re going to click on that link which is gonna then take them wherever you want them to go in this case it’s going to take them to their to your refreshing niche site so they can go and check it out and it’s going to bring you in some money now I’ve had a lot of success using this and I’ve been getting well I’ve got 50 accounts on my software and each account is following 300 to 500 people so as you can imagine out of say 10% of those people that actually check out my account and click on my link and getting thousands of people to my blog to my squeeze page or in your case to your refreshing niche site and it’s super super powerful so I’m going to show you how to set everything up inside of this tutorial here bonus number 3 I’m going to show you how you can use my personal favorite traffic source which is YouTube to use other people’s videos ok legally and ethically you’re allowed to use them and you can and I’m going to show you how you can rank these videos using my fourth bonus ok because I know how YouTube works I know that algorithm I know how to get my videos to the very top of YouTube I’m gonna show you how you can rank vid other people’s videos with your links in them which go back to your refreshing niche site and get them to the top of YouTube so again you’re going to be getting a ton of eyeballs on your link and then in turn it’s on a traffic to your refreshing niche site and in turn a ton of sales so I’m going to show you how to set that up and do that in both of these both of those bonuses bonus number five going to give you access to a premium Pinterest plugin that I have that that have I have white label rights to give away to you and this is going to enable you to set this up on your niche site and it’s going to communicate directly with Pinterest so you won’t have to go out there and do all the homework it’s going to communicate between your niche site and Pinterest and it’s going to save you to the time bonus number six I’m going to give you access to all of the bonuses that the vendor is given to me to give to you guys so I’m just going to quickly run through all 12 of these now okay so WP media to s3 plug-in I don’t really know what any of these do just pause the video pause this YouTube video and have a read through if you want that’s the first one the second one is any form builder plug-in again feel free to pause the video and check what is cost builder plug-in again feel free to check it out animate anything plug-in okay viral list builder plug-in build and grow your subscribers list with a hundred percent free and viral traffic on complete auto-pilot sounds good early-bird viral traffic plug-in auto social traffic plug-in a load of traffic plugins which you can actually use on your refreshing new sites Auto Tube channel plug-in this is going to allow you to get to use to get all of your YouTube videos and put them all on your blog which is pretty cool Auto blogger plug-in this is going to allow you to curate content from other people’s blogs which is really going to help you out actually with refreshing case-study 700,000 free monthly visitors monthly salary generator plug-in tote excursus a wordpress plugin is going to enable you to make membership sites and drag and drop page builder plug-in okay so all of those bonuses came from the vendor and you’re going to get access to all of my custom bonuses as well all you need to do is click on the link down below in the description and then click on any of these green buttons that’ll take you through to the sales page which looks like this okay and then all you need to do is buy refresh and and all of these bonuses will be delivered to you automatically and instantly inside of warrior plus all you need to do is go to Warrior Plus account click on refreshing scroll down to the bottom and there will be a little blue button that says access affiliate bonuses that’s where all of these are going to be waiting for you okay so if you do click on any of the green buttons your comforts the sales page and this is the sales page right here so what if making five hundred dollars a month in passive income was as simple as clicking refresh on your browser now I really don’t know where they got this whole refresh bit from I think what they’re referring to is mmm you create one of these little niche site cash cows it doesn’t take you long to set it up and I’ll show you that in the members area in a minute and then once you’ve done that you can go on and you can create another one and refresh and create another one and refreshing create another one okay you’re not going to be clicking on the refresh button in your browser and making money like that that’s not how this works okay so it’s a bit of a ridiculous concept if you do think that because making money online is never going to be that simple okay discover how to create a limited passive income streams with free traffic using this brand new hundred percent newbie friendly method okay well it’s not brand new I’ve seen stuff like this around before but the way that they’re doing this using Pinterest is something that they have really explored and they’ve really gone into detail in inside this course and that’s the bit that makes it that makes this brand new and unique okay a hundred percent newbie friendly yes okay anybody can do this it’s really really simple so this is a sales page go and read through it on your own because I’m not going to go through this with you because it’s going to take way too much time but um go and check it out by clicking on the link down below in this video description and then clicking on any of the green buttons on my bonus page here and check it out there’s some income proof on here there’s testimonials and also Jason one of the guys behind this he went away to Fiji a couple for a couple of weeks at the end of last year and he was using passive income like you can use from this refreshing method and he went away and he didn’t it didn’t do any work for two weeks but he was still generating money while he was away and that’s the beauty of setting up these little nice nice sites like this and running free traffic to it from Pinterest once you set it up you can just forget it okay it’s gonna be on autopilot it’s gonna be generating money for you day in day out without you really having to do anything about it and what Jason did he went to Fiji and he used the money that was coming in recurring passively from these refreshing sites and he used it to pay for his hotels his food everything and he didn’t have to do actually do any work while he was there and that’s him on the beach somewhere in Fiji just chilling out and making some passive income so that’s really what this is all about passive income now I’m gonna jump into the members area I’m gonna talk to you a bit more about what this is about so you have a welcome video you have a course overview which I’ve incidentally put on my bonus page you can go watch that right now without having to by refreshing just click on the link down below in the video description come through to my bonus page which looks like this scroll down a little bit and you’re gonna find that video right here okay you can go and watch that I’ll give you an overview it’s kind of a bit of a hand on a whiteboard explaining how to do stuff which I did find a little bit confusing but anyway go and check it out so they’re going to give you a steps overview they got a case study in there with some income proof and some more income proof inside of here now where it really gets into the meat and potatoes is down in this bit down here so locate winners and leaders this is all about looking for successful websites that are already using this kind of strategy and then modeling what they’re doing plan plan like a pro this is a pretty good module they they’re going to give you access to a spreadsheet as well which you can use and is it it’s going to show you winning campaigns that you can use inside of Pinterest based upon the amount of reap ins they’ve had and stuff like that okay but basically if you need to be you need to be planning in order to to make to make money obviously okay done for your niche this is not actually a done for your needs you’re gonna have to if you click on this button down here you are gonna have to actually buy this done for you pack but um this is something that I actually recommend but I’ll talk to you that about that in just a second when I get through to the prices in the upsells because this is actually one of the one of the upsells here which I do recommend you get in and I’ll tell you why in a second okay so build your business build your little website is so easy to do a lot of people freak out or the the the thought of building a website but it’s really easy and I know you might be a newbie and you might be thinking ah well it is hard and it’s easy for you to say that it’s easy because you know how to do this stuff well you simply just need to go to a hosting company like GoDaddy or a Hostgator they all have websites you just choose a donate domain name choose a hosting and install WordPress on it and it’s really really easy isn’t it used to be difficult okay back in kind of 2007 when I started I had to know all this HTML code and stuff like that but nowadays is as easy as clicking a couple of buttons paying for it and and it’s all set up in a matter of minutes so don’t worry about that now in this module here maash the the the guy who’s taking you through the training he’s going to be showing you a software that he uses that goes out there and it pulls in content from other people’s blogs and he he made this site in under four minutes just doing this okay it’s it’s incredible how fast he actually put it together and the software that he’s using is actually an upsell but again I will talk to you about in a second build your content this shows you how to to populate your blog with content without using the software which is gonna take a little bit of time okay build your pins this is starting to get into the Pinterest aspect of it generate traffic and leads and sales okay this is this again talking about Pinterest and what you need to do inside Pinterest to do that and then the summary which was a little bit confusing it’s more kind of a motivational speech that maash did but um yeah you don’t really have to watch this I guess and then you’ve got access to the upgrades right inside the members area and the bonuses as well so I’m going to talk to you about the prices and the upsells right now and just before I do actually one of these one of these modules which is all about Pinterest you can actually go to a place like Fiverr and you can outsource the whole Pinterest aspect of it to somebody else and that’s going to save you a ton of time it will cost you a little bit of money but if you have somebody manage your Pinterest account you’ll be able to get a lot better results without having to really do anything you know you don’t really have to mmm study about it or find out how it all works you can just outsource it so prices and upsells okay everything I just showed you inside the members area there it’s gonna cost $12 ninety four which is actually a really good deal for the amount of value that they are giving you inside of this and like I said it’s not a new method but the approach that these guys have taken in the detail that they’ve gone into it is going to make you an intro it’s going to make you a pro in Pinterest marketing whether you choose I mean Pinterest is just another traffic source right whether you choose to channel that traffic to your little niche site that’s going to make you money or you can channel it to a squeeze page and build your email list you can channel it to your ecommerce store wherever you want to send that traffic is up to you the thing that that I really got from this from this course is that it enables you to master another traffic source and that is invaluable what you’re going to be able to do with that traffic is invaluable so that alone is worth the money up sells okay now Upsilon ball one is that done for you campaigns okay so they’re going to give you a you get they’re going to give you they’re going to give you basically everything that you need to hit the ground running straight away they’re going to give you all the campaign’s that you need the images that you need for Pinterest the niches that you need to go into the thing that the websites that you need to be curating from everything it’s going to take all of the homework out of it now here’s where the good thing is if you okay this first upsell is going to cost thirty seven dollars but if you scroll down to the bottom of that upsell page and you click on no thanks you’re going to be hit with the down sell now the down sell is only seventeen dollars so you’re getting $20 off straight away and I’m not really supposed to tell you this but I am going to anyway because I just want to try and save you a bit of money on this but pick this up for $17 for sure it’s really really worth it to get all of this done for you for seventeen dollars instead of 37 oops on number two is the advanced refreshing tactics I really don’t know what this is I’m guessing it’s just gonna be some extra training and stuff that’s going to show you how you can make more money out of it I don’t know whether to recommend it to you or not but again there is a down sell to this the upsell price is forty seven dollars the downside price is twenty seven it’s completely up to you whether you want to pick it up or not I’m not really gonna recommend it to you because I want to recommend the third upsell to you which is the software that mas was using to build his site within four minutes that is what you really want to be going for and again there’s a downside to this it’s supposed to be forty seven dollars but if you scroll to the bottom of the page and click on no thanks you’ll be taken to the downside page where you can pick this up for twenty seven dollars and that is really a no-brainer because it’s going to save you so much time being able to make these sites in less than four minutes if you didn’t have this software it’s going to take you at least forty five minutes per site to do it okay oops on number four is license rights it’s $97 again there’s a downside to this for forty seven dollars so you get $50 off there straight away which is really really good I definitely recommend this one as well but if you don’t have the money then don’t bother what it is is basically you’re gonna be able to sell refreshing and keep a hundred percent of the profits so a hundred percent of the front end here and then a hundred percent of all of these upsells are down cells now you would only need if you bought this for forty seven dollars you would only really need to sell one full funnel or less than half a funnel to make your money back and all you need to do to be able to do that is just send traffic to these exact same sales page now on the topic of traffic because refreshing is a traffic cost is teaching you how to get traffic from Pinterest all you would need to do is send the traffic to the sales page if you have these license rights and there you go you just making yourself a ton of money by sending traffic directly to here so that’s basically it for me just remember to check out my bonuses because I have spent a lot of time putting these together they’re gonna be available to you as soon as you’ve checked out shop around see what other affiliates are offering these terms about in terms of bonuses and then come back here if you want to pick up my bonuses all you need to do is click on the green buttons on my bonus page and then go and by refreshing and all of those bonuses will be automatically delivered so that’s it from my that’s it from me I hope you enjoyed this refreshing review and I will see you on the next one take care bye

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