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hey what’s up guys it is Fergal Downes here and today I’m going to be reviewing a course called refreshin and it’s by Jason Fulton and Marsh berry and the course teaches em how to get free traffic from Pinterest which is the best free traffic method now that’s out there at the moment and how to convert that traffic into conversions by using Adsense and affiliate marketing so yeah it is a great method and it is a great course although there are a few things missing from the course so if you stay to the end I’ll tell you what they are and I’ll tell you how you can replace the things that are missing with something else so bear with me now I’m gonna go through the full course with you first of all the date that it’s going to be going live is March 11th at 9 a.m. Eastern Standard Time that the sales page is not available just yet but the headline is going to be something along the lines of this what if making five hundred dollars per month in passive income was as simple as clicking refresh on your browser so I’m gonna jump all over inside my own members area of this course and show you what it’s all about so here we are inside the members area and you’ve Maj Barry on the first video talking you through the entire course overview let me just pause it there in a white board presentation it goes through everything that you’re gonna need to know then it goes through these different steps that you’re going to be taking and then it’s case studies about their own success with this exact method so you know it’s not the blind leading the blind these guys are actually making money with this method so yeah it’s better to learn from somebody it’s it’s it’s a highly important but you learn from somebody who’s actually making money with these methods and these guys are and they’ll show you inside the case studies so then the next video that they talk about is locating winners and leaders set up the plan like a pro video building your business how to build your site watch me build a complete niche site in just four minutes build your content build your pins because you have to get pins on Pinterest to start generating that free traffic generate traffic leads and sales and then got some upgrades there our one-time offer as I’ll go through those with you in a minute and then there’s some bonuses in there as well for you so that is everything that you’re going to get inside the members area here so and me just show you what the price of this course is going to be so the front end price is let me just check it here so it doesn’t actually say the front end price but I believe it’s gonna start somewhere between twelve and fourteen dollars for this course and it will increase throughout the launch so um if you want to get this course make sure you’re there at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on March 11th now there are some one-time offers I want to be completely transparent with you and tell you what the one-time offers are so the one-time offer one is done for you refreshing campaigns it’s thirty seven dollars but there is a down sell which is just seventeen dollars so if you’re going to get the one-time offer they’re done for you campaigns just get the down sell and save yourself twenty seven dollars their one-time offer number two is advanced refreshing tactics and it’s forty seven dollars again there is a down sell so if you’re going to pick up that one get one-time offer to UM one-time offer three is a traffic generation software free traffic generation software and it’s forty seven dollars again there is a down sell just get the down sale and save yourself a little bit of money one-time offer for is license rights it’s ninety seven dollars down sell of forty seven dollars just get the down sell and this is for some if you’re going to be releasing a course yourself in the future and you want to have something to put into your own funnel and well you can put em refreshen into your funnel and you’ll get 100% of the revenue of the sales of those the ones that I like the most out of these probably be done for you campaigns one-time offer one um and the software at the traffic generation software and if I didn’t have my own courses or my own software to put into my own funnels when I launch a product I would also pick up one-time offer for so one time I for one on one time offer three are the ones that really stand out to me as of now and now pros and of this course and Adsense can be I’ll talk let’s talk about the cons first Adsense can be a little bit tricky to deal with sometimes they might get a ban your account for a little bit and you’ll have to UM you know you’ll have to apply to get the account open and it can be a little bit frustrating I mean working with google it most certainly can be a little bit frustrating to work with them so that is the first con that I can see with this course but it’s not the only traffic it’s not the only revenue source that you have you also have affiliate marketing that you can make money with this for with the free traffic from pros is this is by far the best free traffic methods and out there at the moment so um yeah you’re gonna be using the traffic method that all the top guys are using that I’m using and so yeah it’s tried and tested method so you’re not going to be um you’re not gonna be led astray with this method now what like I said when it comes to the cons did the revenue methods the Adsense method and the affiliate marketing method affiliate marketing method is is great you know but I believe there are better methods and so what I would actually say to you is instead of driving the traffic just to your website and hoping that somebody buys something what I would say is drive the traffic to a squeeze page now it doesn’t actually show you in this course how to do that so inside my bonuses what I’m gonna give you is my list building mania course and list building mania is my own method that I used to build an email list of 10,000 subscribers inside my first 8 months working as an internet marketer it’s going to show you how to build the email list how to market to that email list and how to make money how to make sales over and over again with that email list and absolutely any niche that you choose to go into I have 50 M of that of that bonus available so it will only be available for the first 50 people after that there will be no more bonuses that are available there and the next bonus that I’m going to give you is the the video ranking strategy so that if the first best and free traffic method is troopas for getting free traffic from Pinterest then a very very close second is by ranking YouTube videos for low to moderate competition keywords so what I’m gonna give you there is two so that you can get even more free traffic is my video ranking strategy again there will be 50 of these available only for the first 50 people after that they will be closed down and they won’t be available anymore so and yeah that’s what I’m gonna be giving you today when you join refreshing from the link either above or below this video and so like I said there’s only 50 of those bonuses available so make sure that your am on my site on March 11th 9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time and you’re ready to join refresh and then so that’s it for me today guys if you have any questions or comments please put them in the comment section below if you’re watching this on YouTube and and the link to join will be above or below this video if you’re watching on YouTube it’s gonna be in the description box below this video that’s it for me today guys I really hope you enjoy your refresh and make sure you take action on this and yeah enjoy

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